Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Down Time, Pitchers To Balls, Fun And Games

Pictures To Tell Stories Also, Sheri And Rachel Jarrot, fag hags, cheap tricks, corner  dates, with RV pimp. Giant in the mountains, lots of places to jump, fly like a bird. Life is a vacation to me, no clocks to check at all, life is a beach, watch for bumps in roads, treat strangers like your parents. Projects building what? Houses and the green effects, selling gas from land fills,making big bucks? Trips plans for mountains to climb, RV camper, or rolling stones.

Peter Pan,Peter the Piarate, Captain Hook, so the waves hits the rocks. Rocks under the surface, dates and dances done daily, had two sisters to go, they don't count. Had a blast, moving on, trip to death valley next. Picture Perfect:Horse And Pony Shows: Happy Holidays 2015. Glory dazes done, classes on beach, songs to sing.  Fairy tale, girl in red hood, going into the woods, into the dark, hopes and dreams. Girls in red hoods tips in the woods, in the walks in park, glory dazes done, trips to hell and back.

Happyiness is to write, every day, tips and tales, recorded history, great stories to write.  Lizzy Jarrot 2, . Daisy Dicks, asked for the devil to visit when she open the door to Steve (Seven Snakes inside) Jarrot,  he has eyes for Rachel Jarrot only, best lover to date, daddy bitch.

Freaks to party and play, the only love of his life created out of hate with the hairdressers, skills of  Sima  Jarrots, lies white or half lies, n... Love Notes, Hate and Love, Songs To Sing. Jokes of ships of fools, fags out of box, yellow snakes.... Choices made, take a stand. Fags to talk, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, land whales to deadr, moneys swingers on dogwood trees, site to see. Party today, Friday, yet? : Bones in boxes, dad. Paul Jarrot, Charles Edward Jarrot, to visit.

Wines to Riches: Seasons greetings, happy holidays, good cheers, good friends, good fun and food with families across the globe, peace and love to share with a touch of kindness and understanding for the frogs, and the battles of the changes in chances with the flip of a coin. Poker players, jokers, snakes, frogs, flowers, Daisy did what last night? Fun and games with family and friends, parked on the sidelines RV campers in the life dreams are made of, drugs, sex and rock and roll. Fun and games to share with the many fish in the sea, flip the cards 54 ways to screw with the dense and dim witted.

Jokes of the year, cock cuckers, fags, male dicks and dogs of the classes to place the cum in the mouths of the freaks of the party and play frogs out at night, locations noted in Upland, in Palm Springs, in Santa Monica, in the little place in the dark, RV campers for the drugs, sex and the suckers with skills to share. Turning the pages on the year of 2014 in dazes on the right side of the grave is the hope that I have daily. Thanks for the gifts of family and friends, and the lessons learned on the bumps in the road.

Writer here, with more tales to share, songs to sing about the good times, the hills and the valleys of joys and pains of love and devotion. Love and hate the horns of a goat, witches to tell the signs in the movie called "The Vikings", with Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas the brothers from another mother, left in the dark about family ties. Eric kills his father and his brother for the love of a woman, or by mistakes when his story is a tale of dark times in the kingdoms of the Vikings and the English during the 9th or the 10th centuries, tales of love and hate, horns on a goat, words of the wise.

Hope floats searching for places to land, hope, dreams with peace and joy to share, acts of kindness to start the day, acts of kindness in the smiles exchanged during the dazes during your walk on the wild sides, in the shadows of the dark side of the moon. Dream partners for the wicked in place, pots of gold for the sinners and the saints that remember to stay at home to drink, friends, and family members with the keys to the brains in the tribes of frogs in California, and Okahoma and Texas also. Steers and queers, with the bison and cattle to judge, best beef in the county, prices for prizes not the same in different location. Gifts of dazes to spend on the back forty, with the kids, tigers, lions and reptiles in cages. Good times to share with the zombies, vampires, snakes, smiles for the joys and pains of liveinng on the edge.

Seasons greetings and many more for the card player. Chance taken in the ways you spend you money, poker players with the cards for the cash returns, daily player here and now. Games to play for the rats running in the races, wheels going round and round, time is the same, wheels do stop going around, but time does not stop for the sinners or the saints.


  1. Thanks for tips. End Of Dazes, Sunsets For Fish, Men, Frogs, Rats racing, daily events, stars to shine bright. Tales and fish in seas, frogs and men in water, hook and lines out for food. Fish, frogs, snakes in water, hands out to put in fires, food to eat another day. Notes of peace and love by the seas, tips and tales, sticks and stones, all the time, lands of cows, lands of frogs, lands of sinners and saints, hands and fingers out to lead the way, glory dazes again. Sunsets and fish to catch, joys and pleasures to do, food for table, that's one of the reasons to fish. Great way to spend a few hours.
    Weird, witty, educated, interesting, real and different, me and my sisters inside, earth angels. Angels good and nice, sunny and bright, plans in place. Great Mountains Climbed Deeds and actions were brought to the light of day. Steven Jay Jarrot-7608512267, is living the dream life, and he is still a RV camper for life, no house. Once a snake, always a snake, once a fool, always a fool, once a liar, thief, use car sales man, once a poker player always a poker player, flip the coin and look at the actions and the deeds, and make a view of the things that are the same as looking at the ocean all day every day in a RV camping of course.

  2. Time to check twice, mother or earth angels, help to hurt the changes inside. I was told to shut up so often for a lack of understanding and was treated like a step-child. Been there done that, and hated it the first time 2nd time was worst. Check out 7608512267on google, check images also, if you have interest. Frog tales, fairy tales, and tales of snakes in the grass.

    Jokes and laughs, joys and pains, schools and classes of hard knocks, hard times, hard snakes in dens. Trips to beaches in Italy, castles in the hills, blonde hair blue eyes. Eyes blue right, and blue eyes in the sky, castles notes. Rainbows, knights and moots, water to wash, stars tonight. Jumps for joys and pains, classes as schools of hard knocks for snakes. Snakes in fires, snakes in dens, snakes in woods, dates on beach.

  3. Songs to sing, horse and pony shows, rats racing, daily jobs, to blow more dicks, cum suckers to date.....surprises? Steven Jay Jarrot, Charles Jarrot or Rachel Jarrot, Jewish history completely just Sheri Jarrot or the old lady in La Quinta in Paradise for the seasons, Sima Jarrot, mean and nasty, see that we are all the same, and labels are projections most of the time, and a cystal ball is not needed to tell them that they are twisted, and crazy is not a word for the insane views that they have on truth and honesty:have of cows and buffalo, and their positions as frogs now and later if expands are not done in the hood, or pond with pads for us all, if we choose to live there.