Sunday, January 17, 2016

OZ Dreams, Flying Monkeys, Steven Jarrot 2016, Good Tales

High Buildings, Bigger Dreams, More Actions Needed, Going Places, Lights on. Holiday cheers, new year, new goals, new stories to write, houses for homeless veterans. Main focus, not tips on frogs in snake dens. Gifts Of Education Needed, In my father's house, the man in the sky. Problems to let go, stories told online, Rach Jay, sister wife, Rachel Jarrot, Sima and Sheri, pimp mothers, turkeys bald and blue.  to get biggest bangs. Fairy tales, and bibile stories, bastard born in a barn. Bastard to save the world, peace on earth, good will to all men. Joy to the world, eight times, sheep to follow, great stories. In the dark, dreams at work. Hell Hounds Out, Angels Up At Ball, Mercy and Goodness, back to back, good times.

  • Princess Monkey, Jeannie Jarrot, Rach Jay, Rachel or Sima Jarrot: Prince of Frogs, Prince of Monkeys, Prince of snakes, daddy-Steven J. Jarrot, 7608512267, land whales to pimps. Monkey tales to share, life is a beach. Happy To Share, good times, bumps in the roads, happy dazes done, glory and mightly tales. Crooks and robbers, snakes and frogs, seas of dreams, seas of frogs. Seas to sail, seven snakes alive, monkeys in packs, monkeys to dodge, monkey of the year. Question for the masses, Rach Jay, monkey to movies, animals and freaks, frogs to movies to make. Notes of tricks and trades, dances for the dollars, names to make, light up the names. Tips and tales, monkeys in packs, donkeys in the hills and valleys, snakes in dens, bumps in the roads. 
  • Monkey and Guns, pictures to share, happy dazes again, Joe Jackson, blue hairs, not purple hairs that day, monkey days again. Monkeys in New York, Riverhead, George on his head, trips to Japan and back, good news. China, I mean, not quite Japan, same neck of the woods, happy dazes, stories to tell. Hook out, listen to this, big job, to complete, over a billion dollars. Sell the same idea over here, in the country, houses for the veterans homeless, here first, not China. Tips from George, the guy with the yellow hat, with the monkey name George also, friends in New York, friends to meet, later this year.
  • Building and people, new projects to complete, two weeks in the spring, to travel to China, with a presentations every two months, new job, need another monkey to teach. Good times, jobs to create, jobs here in California, New York, and Texas. Tips and Tales to share, be back for more, songs to sing, happy dazes again, the best is yet to come. Gifts to share, tips and tales, clowns shows and dances. Lessons to learn, hard knocks instead, tricks and trades. Trailer trash?Sheri  and Sima Jarrot 562 200 9102,  Trash man, treats and tips?  7608512267 RV Specials?Time to teach, time to tell, times on beaches in hell. Good times, good tips and lesson. Earth Angels, fairies and pixies, to sing and dance the nights away. Good times, fast rides, clowns to date, in the darkness in the shadows, low standards of truth and honesty, jokers and poker players to the right, free rides to hell and hardships.

    End Of Dazes, Sunsets For Fish, Men, Frogs, Rats racing, daily events, stars to shine bright. Tales and fish in seas, frogs and men in water, hook and lines out for food. Fish, frogs, snakes in water, hands out to put in fires, food to eat another day. Notes of peace and love by the seas, tips and tales, sticks and stones, all the time, lands of cows, lands of frogs, lands of sinners and saints, hands and fingers out to lead the way, glory dazes again. Sunsets and fish to catch, joys and pleasures to do, food for table, that's one of the reasons to fish. Great way to spend a few hours.
  • Weird, witty, educated, interesting, real and different, me and my sisters inside, earth angels. Angels good and nice, sunny and bright, plans in place. Great Mountains Climbed Deeds and actions were brought to the light of day. Steven Jay Jarrot-7608512267, is living the dream life, and he is still a RV camper for life, no house. Once a snake, always a snake, once a fool, always a fool, once a liar, thief, use car sales man, once a poker player always a poker player, flip the coin and look at the actions and the deeds, and make a view of the things that are the same as looking at the ocean all day every day in a RV camping of course.

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    1. Five ways to go, five monkeys in line, hats and wigs, hats to wear, glory dazes done. Monkeys to swing from a tree, in the bible, Jesus Christ, man of the hour, goats and sheep, tales told, back in the day, pages to turn, books to close. Monkeys Stealing Things, Steven And Sheri Jarrot, Jokes....Monkey tales, jokes and laughs, good times, dates with land whales, songs to sing, fires of hopes burning bright, dances on the sands of times. Notes of life of others, to give and to take the lessons learned alone the paths taken. Bumps in the roads, frogs and snakes, tales of Jewish White Monkeys 2016, tips of love and hate, monkeys to dodge, monkeys to swing, to trade, to tricks, cash or credit. Card tricks, poker players, flipping cards, games to play, party and play, day jobs, freaks out at night. Songs to sing, horse and pony shows, rats racing, daily jobs, to blow more dicks, cum suckers to date.

    2. Sheri Jarrot or the old lady in La Quinta in Paradise for the seasons, Sima Jarrot, mean and nasty, see that we are all the same, and labels are projections most of the time, and a cystal ball is not needed to tell them that they are twisted, and crazy is not a word for the insane views that they have on truth and honesty:have of cows and buffalo, and their positions as frogs now and later if expands are not done in the hood, or pond with pads for us all, if we choose to live there.

      Game Over: This is it, the wrap up is in place, and we are pulling the ropes tighter, so the time is ripe for the big dreams. This is a recap of the dream that was started years ago, and it kind of burned out because the next step could...


    3. Out of the Box:Out of Pond: In the end it is about what you survive and how it will make you stronger in the long run. Hope is the reason for the drive for more, and bigger and greater, and that is a personal statement, so it has a different meaning for everyone. That is just my belief. The last four years were hell on earth, and 2013 was the worst year to date, and I thank God within the father, me and myself daily for the light at the end of the turnnel, and my hopes and dreams that are actions and plans and steps to get there.

      Tribe Members Notes: Happy and delighted to have another day in the present, happy and gay for the windows and doors open, friends, family, foes, strangers to friends, time to let the sun shine in. Open the doors and open the windows, see the sun shining outside, time to make the donuts or not. Jobs are the gifts needed to live the full and happy lives that we dream about. Silver spoons alerts are not needed with looks, charms and graces.