Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Day for the Kind Hearted

Have a few more stories to share with you about today. It was a clear cold day for February, in the sleeping almost coast town of Ventura. It was a day to go to the beach as well as all the other days when you get to go to the beach. For some people to go to the beach is unheard of so, my world is a dream life or a nightmare. I want to think, and I do believe that everyday above ground is a good day.

Today I found out that Little Whiney Houston bought the farm at 48. What a sad tale for the world to have to hear. My first thoughts were with Bobbie, the little girl that she, had with Bobby Brown. The little girl, Bobbie should be a teen ager now. My thoughts were at least she still has a grandmother living. And then I went to think about the life that was just lost yesterday, and think what was it that causes the light to go out yesterday, the Whitney had blowing in the wind.

Life is just to shorty. It is a pity that people live their life busy dying instead of busy living. I have a very happy boyfriend that wants to become more. But how can you be with a person who tells you to please not talk. I was thinking, if he does not like the way I talk, how we can go on.

Jay Tiger knows that it is breaking down already but he cannot go on. Jay has a kid that went to New York City on the Jewish dime. She talked with her dad 3 times in one day. That was a record. She had been in the habit of text dad just for more money. Are she was texting dad bring me lunch. Are the other types of things that she texted her day suggested from her point of view that she was the kid of a fool. I do not know why kids call their parets names when the names like fat boy. She is saying she is fat because her father is fat. She is the kid of fat people out of her mouth. Her remarks to Maria the Mexican menopause baby, of a Mexican and an Asia woman create a senior girl that needs or likes to be lead. Bob on boy has that kind of a fool or a fat boy or just a hairdresser does know how to get other too paid for the things she wants. One respect frame that her father wanted to share was “Why Party like a Rock Star. Party like a Jew!!!!”Or just save more money on the things that they do have to spend their own money on. What else can a saying like that mean? The day could not tell me what that meant.

Jews are cheap, and they take their money with them when they expire, right? Party like a Jew, meant party on somebody else’s dime. The Jew’s father who was not in New York City, with his kid for the party better than the Rock stars did not include any of her natural family. This party was with the other Jew’s and it was better than the Rock Stars, according to this Desert Jew Girl from the polo team in Palm Desert, LA Quinta, Indio deserts in California. Party on the church dime is where she is and has a better party than the rock stars. Not sure what the word party actually means from a New York City view, from a desert person of California. Maybe that meant more clothes, what do you think?

Calling other Jewish people for a clear picture of what the term used meant. It is not what I was told, it was what I thought it could mean. The teacher of this Jewish lesson did not want to get sued for giving street smart information for lawful people on the sidelines living. So there was not any opinion that counted that could go to back with the facts for this comment. What kind of parties that the Jewish people can have that is better than lights from the Rock Stars when they shine? I do not know of any Jews other than Sammy Davis Armand he is part of the Jewish Club. So there are no Black Jews in America that is a Rock Star or a bigger Jewish person. Sorry this was just a teenager with a group in New York City on the dime of the church. Next and moving on have a great day and lots of sunny dazes in California.

Love Nights, Notes To Post, Good Times, Tips Online. Jumps for joys, classes done, sunny and bright days. Love in pink and white, santa colors red and white, hats to wear, good cheers. Birds and bees, goats and sheep, horns love and hate, part of the time. Night and day views, good and bad, bumps in the roads. I believe in luck, classes of freaks and frogs, sinners and saints, dances in the dark. Spooks and ghosts in the winds at night, in the flowers in the trees, monkeys dead, bones in a box. Fruits and nuts, dead on the beach, birthday notes to rot in the grounds, nuts to fall, shit in bags, tricks and trades, dances in the winds. 

Sands of time, birds and dogwood butterflies, heart burn for land whales. Snakes on a stick, fires on the beach, lions, tigers and bears. Flowers in trees, birds and bees, honey to make, not a wasp, ass holes in worlds of bugs. Frogs and fish, love large in the moments, dancing on sands of time.

Veterans Housing Project in Riverside,Californai

Saw your ad on grisliest, and wanted to find out how open you were to make money off of the government Veterans Affairs style? Have connections in the Veterans Hospitals Nationwide, but have to start with baby steps to get to the range of business, hope waiting for future growth and change to greatness. My idea is that we can take your houses and sell them on paper to my nonprofit called Ella Doce Casas De Maya, or 12 Houses in May, another place for homeless veterans that are in transition.

Me, or shall I say, I am also included in that group at this time as well. Have until the 29Th to get docs requested in place to get the ticket to section 8. Are you also a Veteran? It would make things that need to be discussed so much easier if you are or had been at some time in the military. Or just know what that group of people represents in forms of assistance needed to get put back together for good of self and county mistakes?

Riverside County is where we need to be for this time out, but I can find others for that location that you have in San Diego as well. I also hope that you are not limited to that location only. Have a farm to buy in Temecula for just $310K that is remodeled and updated on 20 acres and also includes a nut farm and it is also fenced and crossed fenced for sale. Regular sale or cash discount if applies to purchase for just $297K, or what?

Would love to talk about properties that you have or would like to purchase for your books of wealth that you have already created. Have more properties in other counties that you may have interest in as well. Please reply by email what you intent are for the properties that you may or may not have empty and need to be filled. Have appointed Tuesday, May 29, 2012 would love to go with contract in hand to get money for housing from the government then. Want to write about the others properties that you have as well in Riverside or Ventura Counties as well? Write back and let’s go forward.

Veterans in Transition need our help, will you give them the services and products that are required for a complete recovery from the battle of protecting our country, for years. I am a Veteran also and I need housing as well in Riverside County. Help me, help the others like me that need to be serviced for mistakes, and mishaps, and living life for the armed forces of the United States. Doubles and wars and conflicts were experienced by all that served. Some are able to cope for a while before they can't for what happen, experiences while in the military. Will you assist us? If you have the means and the interest please get back to me for the business plan and what is in scope for this housing project.

Have model of community for the pattern we would like to follow for their level of success, have contacts in place, just need private funding or an investor to pick up the ball and go forward on this housing project with Veterans that are displaced and or homeless as well.

Best regards,

12 Houses of May

50925 Paradise West #B

La Quinta, CA 92253