Monday, June 2, 2014

Rite Side of Grave

Hell on Earth :Jewish White-Stars. Okay, great day to be alive and on the right side of the grave, a good day always for me, how about you? Time to remove the mask, or get lost in the mixed, and it is always about control, of course. Email address exchange time, and more details to build the house on sand?

  • Building and people, new projects to complete, two weeks in the spring, to travel to China, with a presentations every two months, new job, need another monkey to teach. Good times, jobs to create, jobs here in California, New York, and Texas. Tips and Tales to share, be back for more, songs to sing, happy dazes again, the best is yet to come. Gifts to share, tips and tales, clowns shows and dances. Lessons to learn, hard knocks instead, tricks and trades. Trailer trash?Sheri  and Sima Jarrot 562 200 9102,  Trash man, treats and tips?  7608512267 RV Specials?Time to teach, time to tell, times on beaches in hell. Good times, good tips and lesson. Earth Angels, fairies and pixies, to sing and dance the nights away. Good times, fast rides, clowns to date, in the darkness in the shadows, low standards of truth and honesty, jokers and poker players to the right, free rides to hell and hardships.

    End Of Dazes, Sunsets For Fish, Men, Frogs, Rats racing, daily events, stars to shine bright. Tales and fish in seas, frogs and men in water, hook and lines out for food. Fish, frogs, snakes in water, hands out to put in fires, food to eat another day. Notes of peace and love by the seas, tips and tales, sticks and stones, all the time, lands of cows, lands of frogs, lands of sinners and saints, hands and fingers out to lead the way, glory dazes again. Sunsets and fish to catch, joys and pleasures to do, food for table, that's one of the reasons to fish. Great way to spend a few hours.
  • Weird, witty, educated, interesting, real and different, me and my sisters inside, earth angels. Angels good and nice, sunny and bright, plans in place. Great Mountains Climbed Deeds and actions were brought to the light of day. Steven Jay Jarrot-7608512267, is living the dream life, and he is still a RV camper for life, no house. Once a snake, always a snake, once a fool, always a fool, once a liar, thief, use car sales man, once a poker player always a poker player, flip the coin and look at the actions and the deeds, and make a view of the things that are the same as looking at the ocean all day every day in a RV camping of course.

    Ready to purchase a house, have cash ready to place for down payment, but my credit does not fly yet. Have been very sad about this, and to have loss my tablet to a guy getting over script drugs, and now he wanted to point fingers at someone else for his behavior. Just one case that I took myself out of, but still have more questions that do not cover the kid, and his father. Here is the case, facts that are played daily, and the results are in, time to pick a better pony, this one is going out to fields for last hay day. Old guy, dad to 24 year son, who is also number 4 to Daddy's number 2, so my guess dad has a lot hanging on this oldest and only son, and the excuses for his short comings.

    This was an email, that I got from my sister from another mother, and how upset she still is about learning the type of frog the bullfrog really is or  reptile that has not learned any new life lessons since he got out of school by the skin on his teeth at Fairfax High  School in Hollyweird, California-when dirt was young-(Steve/Eve/Adam 4 Adam Jarrot) still dump as rocks? Brains exchanged for trains, so sad just senseless now, and full of self as always. You can share your views are not, these are written history, okay you know, recorded..

    Last year, I felt like I died 7 times by Steven Jay Jarrot, hands alone, and how he did more things that I never knew about, makes me very sad. He won money ($940,000) in Vegas (April 2014?, picture on wall at Bally's there, an exchange for $10 investment, is how Steve wrote it, but it was not enough to buy him happiness, and the hate notes that show his true colors, or out with the fangs out for the wolves in the hen house. Still  it upsets me that the car he stole last year, blue toyato Solara 2001, in Palm Springs, California on May 9, 2013 by AAA. The car had been a gift for Mother's Day in 2001, and some how, Steve kept dreaming of selling that car, and he lied to coppers saying he had a forged signed copy of bill of sale he credit. This is the same way he stole cars from out of state sellers of the electric bikes he sold in Ventura a while ago in his past.

    LLissa Desilva, still has to find the car, to get it re keyed, and the real question is, can Steve pay for the crime committed, in the name of love and devotion? is still not back on the road. If he was a stand up kind of guy, and it he ever loved her,like he use to tell her, he was the best man to love her a whole life long, and life with him lasted four years. He should have bought her a new car, since he wanted to drive something else instead of the Toyota Solara, and he had his eyes on cars for the cattle in the family only, the hairless one-Rocky Jarrot, and the hairdresser buffalo that had her, now just a butch, buff, wide ass or BBW-Rachel Jarrot-bison to buffalo, now of course,  is how I see it. Rest time for the wicked? Expiration dates are coming for some.

    Instead, he bought his kid-hairless Rocky Cattlecaller (one of my names or labels for her), and made a remark about how she thought I was foolish and she was laughing at me on the way to the bank. On mother's day he started day off nice, wishing a happy day, but by the end of the day, he was senting threast by text, and I have been sending them to my email accounts, so that I can print them out ... What do you think? Will share the longest text received with you, and please do not get taken in by the projections that are common for Steve Jarrot, okay?

    His remarks about sucking over 300 dicks (while I was asleep most of the time), and that was in a month not years. Record for him is to have six dicks at his mouth all at once is the real dream that he is searching for now and always. Mask in place does not tell that story, because he has his head in the sand still, and he is a Jewish White Super-Star, a legend in his own mind, and Rachel/Rotten/Rocky is just like him, with mouth and backside wide for the biggest , kosker beef, and blacks dicks, are much bigger that the bend dick that Steve jacks off going from side to side in his hands, during Hannah time) to be found in California or Colorado where the cows and the buffalo do fly, and lickers and suckers are the same, as the Jewish Army 2005, with Sima Jarrot the leader of the pack of wolves. Steers or queers are the Jarrots, starting with 92 year old Sima and sister Rachel Jarrot at 75 this year.

    Now a note from Steve Jarrot- as received by text- sent to the masses by phone, time and time again. Want a copy, send email address or phone number for the rest, to be send to you in that manner.

    "Hey asswhip if you or that whore aids infected slut who got fucked and sucked off more than 300 guys in the last 2 1/2 years. Yes hard to believe but true proof available.  Never used protection.  And swallows.  Ever call my daughter's phone again you will need to find a resting place. In case you don't know that whore Lisa who is laughing about my daughter being bald is bald her self she wears those cheap wigs to cover that ugly bald head. And she is 54 years old not what she claims.  Just look at that used up bitch who I would have fuck guys for as little as a pack of smokes gods my witness. For a sack of 420 they could fuck her in your ass and put it back in her mouth. .

    And don't forget the rotten teeth and gums from being a crack whore.  The slut fucks her own uncle's and a few cousins.  Wonder why she has no friends?  Her son hates her because she was to busy doing crack and getting fucked by an average of 3-4 guys a day. So you and that whore had better stay away from my daughter.  This will be the last warning." by text t-mobile number- 760 851 2267,  not sure about the others 805 205 5026, 951807 0295, 424 238 0303,760 534 4835, 253 329 0206 just to note a few that received this series of hate by text from "Prince Frogg-Jewish Army 2005-Eve/Adam 4 Adam/Steve Jarrot-a true blue stand up guy, from dream life style, cheating, lying, and robbing from the blacks, disable veterans, like Phyllissa Desilva, the childlike fairy, that survives the walk on the wild side, that was almost on the dead side for her, just thankful the white devils had to find a new place to hide.

    Reptile views on golden calf-hairless, dyke, bison or and buffalo girl - Rachel GAY Jarrot- 760.......902.......0855 wet and open wide:just like sire eve/Steve jarrot-760......851......2267

    Brand new day, brand new world, ready to get started.

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