Monday, August 13, 2012

Ready for the Manners Series: Manners For Millions-Based on Sophie Hadida 1932 View Update for 2012.

This literature for the millions in Palm Springs, California is the mass of people that I want to address and this is the view of a Cali Girl for San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Redlands, and a whole lot more places where we have lived and got closer to the end of the cycle, season or reason for the things that we do.

Reflections are always good, and we should take time to relax and think about the ifs. The possibilities are endless for the things that I want. I just want a piece of the ski every day. Forever and a day, in the moment, with the start at now in the present. Not a dream real life. Ready for the best, that is still on the edge to happening today. Let’s ask a few people that were here last year.

Manners is a strong point to start to talk about the things that happen in and around cakes for the cerebrations of life, or common birthdays to remember the day that you were born, that people have all the time. The beginning of us started in that moment when you got slapped on the ass, to see if your lungs worked. Do you remember that day? Most don’t, and if you do remember that day you were born, do you remember how the doctor and the nurses talked about the shape of your head? Birthday candles are a form of bad manners when you blew out the candles. You are blew bugs from inside of your open or closed mouth when you blew out candles. Shame on you MOMS across the desert you allow this bad practice.

What to do instead of blowing out candles, stick the flame between your fingers as you make your wishes for each year that you have life. How many candles are too many? Not sure, but you do not want to make others ill behind your birthday wishes, do you? So stop blowing out your cerebration candles for whatever reason, it is not a health practice so stop it okay? That’s it about manners for a Sunday afternoon in the park in Palm Springs.

Have not seen the King and Queen of Style that was here last year in March 2011. George Hamilton and Joan Collins were here just to shine for the season, and I do not know if they have made it back yet. Have you seen them at the Coachella Fest, or there was that Cowboy Dress up this weekend. I heard about the Rodeo day and wander if they had to dress up for the week and have time off for the cowboys to ride their ponies and horses. And let’s not forget the clowns. It is here waiting for you this season in the sun Palm Springs style with George and Joan, but not sure if they are here now, will have to wait and see. What do you think? Have you seen them yet?


    It is another day here on earth, to be thankful for the gift; another day to correct the wrongs and begin again, today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Have been going around being thankful for the small miracles that occur around me, most of the time not noticed. Last Friday morning in the twight hours, I was given the gift of life again. The RV that I was sleeping in with El Tigre catches on fire, and got hotter. Do you know what that is like? To wake up after a fire has started and what to take if everything is going to go up in smoke? We got up, put on clothes and got out of the RV. And we were so happy to be able to do that.

    We had the fire out, but the smoke was still there. The police came and called the fire department, and the fire department said, that the heat of the fire was still there and need to be put out still. So we got some of California’s Finest to make sure that the fire, and the heat of the fire was out. This is what they did when they came out from 2 cities to take care of the two calls from the Police. A super-size fan was placed in the doorway; the air was release to blow the smoke out of the RV. And we waited on the side of the road on the grass and watched the fire department do the things that they do, when a fire has been started, and we out afterwards.

    After the smoke cleared it was still dark, we thanks the public servants for their time and their attention to their work on our behave, and went back into of the RV to see what had been damaged. Nothing that we could tell in the dark, so we set up bedding in the living room, and went back to sleep together on the couch.

    We were not able to rest well, but we did fall asleep for a few hours. We got up afterwards, to see what had been done as far as the fire damage; we could see that the fire had been contained to just the bathroom. We were just thankful to be alive still. It had been too close. We were ready now to leave the RV to the next step. After waiting for the other shoe to fall, we were now both on the same page, El Tigre and Maya, had the hope for a better tomorrow.

  2. The town is still waking up in the seashore town of Oceanside, and the Starbucks has not open yet. It is about 5 o’clock in the morning, and another day filled at night again, so six hours later I am up. I cannot wait to see if our friends have returned for another day in the sands of this black beach. Not many have the mind set to appear anywhere without clothes, so they go other places not here, for sure. In the end does it matter what you look like without clothes? It did not matter when you came out screaming that day you appeared on earth. Do you remember that day? Most don’t.
    Green Eyes has left to go sit at the beach, thank God; I did not have to kill time doing that. It has been very hard to get online where I am at Carrows and that is across the parking lot from Starbucks also. Maybe I should have looked for Mack Donald’s instead. Not sure, and when I leave I am going to look for Lucky Tigre Gatos for the best to come to see how it is going to play out. It is just another point of view, and I like his. Trouble is he has that kid bald headed again, it seems that the girl friend or wife, depending on who you talk to that is, is back being a saint again in De Ce –Chocolate City, USA. That is a cream of a cat bottom, for sure, do you get it? No? Okay we are going to leave you hanging for that, expressions is not the subject today, sorry. Anyway the kids are younger and need a sitter is my guess, daddy was heard telling her how good she has been with others kids, since she was little. I wondered if little meant young, or what he talking about size. She has grown from a size 8 to twice that maybe, I have not had the joy of being stuck in the car with her whiles she texts or talks on the phone. Why bother if you never get her attention to the life passing her by in the car. Her Daddy has problems driving period, does that concern the little mother? No, she does not want to share daddy, at all, and mother dearest, the hairdresser thinks her shit does not smell either.
    Jewish people are in a class alone, according to this lot, or should we say army? Ha Ha, I have a new saying about armies that I will address at another time. In this moment I just want to say, that I hope that that nosy hairdresser with the big mouth, who has not time for real people, just the dead and lost to her. What can I say 3 am most people are fucking somebody or sleep, not her. Goodnight, hopes Hanna helps now, or does she have another name? Like a rock star? Let not forget the ugly people with cows and calf’s to model to always because that is the line or class of whatever that they like. From my point of view, you wonder where they were in the beginning. How can you hate a class of people when so many died for the lack of the desired human genes at a time of darkness for all that had to stand around and do nothing for change needed at that time? Their hands were tied I guess or more pies elsewhere.
    Have to wrap it up and go look for my honey Chile, Green Eyes, who is at the beach doing what he is doing. Internet maybe better now. Have to start the engine again, it has been awhile again. Hope the sun is shining on the things that you do. Have a bless day, and blue skies and calm seas always.
    And they lived happily ever after……..


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