Thursday, October 27, 2016

Day of the Dead Mendocino Coast: Sugar Skulls Book. Day of the Dead ..., the only one of this nature,lots of smiles, tales in the words used. Wits and charms, head to mine, pages of tales in stores. Dates on the beach, dates in the mountains, dates and new things to do, that is what I had in mind, to answer your ad. Monkey Tales, Monkeys See, Monkeys Talk....Love and hate, time to eat, snakes and rats, friends for a minute, in the mouth, to suck out the life, so small, good and bad, skins to be. Skins of a snakes, rats resting, mouse games, tricks and trades, snakes in grass. Songs to sing, glory days done, snake and rats, rates of love and hate, food for dinner. Grins and smiles, jokes and laughs, snakes to date, rats to eat, daily events, in the sands.Monkeys Riding Sharks, Monkey Tales, Monkeys See, Monkeys Talk...Updates Done, Joys And Pain, Birthday...

Had a moment or two in time and space to share, about my dream lover Steven Jarrot, 7608512267: the gift from the center of the earth, love and devotion with a twist, not straight a fag hag really is the nature of this frog. Love and hate are the horns of a goat, love him or hate him for the good times, bagging shit because of a lack of running water on a RV. Too cheap to put the water in, bottles of water for the coffee, bottles of water to wash the dishes, bottles of water to wash the dicks and chicks that party and play.

Welcome 2 The Party Kids At Heart.GOTTA LEARN THE HARD WAY.Steven Jarrot. Crooks, cheaters liars, porn nuts, sluts for free rides, drugs for sex trades, cows to call home. Cheap tricks, fame and cum, dicks in lines, gang bangs, pictures to share. Lovers and haters, snakes and frogs, plenty of donkeys, sluts, and monkeys in packs for free rides. Drugs for sex, love and lust, tricks to trade, barter for more.
I know it's just a drawing, but a monkey riding a shark is a special kind RV campers, pimp on wheels, party tonight, dicks in lines, cash or credit to trade, cum suckers on the beaches: cows in fields, cattle to roam home, Upland, La Quinta, Ventura, CA, parties all the time. 

Steven and Rachel Jarrot, 7608512267-lovers for life, on the down low, faces of frogs. been 6 years since Uritza Santiago Smith took him an ran to cali claiming she didn't know where I was...lying ass. She knew i was in North Carolina...she just left here. She got caught in a lie to the courts now she's on the run with missed court dates an from what I've been told she is still on that shit! ....

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