Thursday, August 7, 2014

Level Wits: Birds And Bees, Mercy And Goodness Angels Out

Cans Short: 6 Cans Short On 6 Pack. Names Changes, Snakes And Frogs, Snakes Dens, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, 7608512267, lovers to trade, pimps to dates, cash and credit on the lines. Rachel the butch, Rachel Bald Turkey, Lover and Cheap Tricks. Dream life of cows, cattles,and land whales. Happy and delighted for classes on love and hate, joy to the world to bring, happy dazes again, glory days done,  life on the dark side of moons.

This is it, the wrap up is in place, and we are pulling the ropes tighter, so the time is ripe for the big dreams. This is a recap of the dream that was started years ago, and kind of burned out because the next step could not be taken. There are always plans in place, just do not have the time and attention to all the things that matter, because it has not been addressed yet. We have to take a few minutes to reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly parts in order to see the larger picture, and all the events that are going on now and then. Change is something that I do not have a problem with, it is also about growth. Not ready to push up daisies, and do not have time to sleep until I am buried. So the work has to be done, and the peter piper is the first one out, to sing and dance and be the leader for the next group of people in place for greatness.

This band of frogs that are the examples for the rest of the Jewish to take notes. All actions or crimes committed against  Alicia Desilva, or LLissa Desilva have been justified, she was crazy with a large letter C, and needed to be committed for the ball to roll for Steven Jay Jarrot, but that was just not going to happen, so the crimes were committed to toss her to the sharks in the water. Nothing is what they expected for the acts of violence and the items of personal property stolen, as well as the bank cards of hers that were needed for the money for what Steven wanted and desired, he stole with a open mind to how to get more bangs out of the actions taken. He was his own lucky charm, and the tattoo bitch was willing to be LLissa at the bank, she looked at camera and say how do you like me now?

April , 2013: History as  recalled: Time fir stories, April is the month for fools, and god protects fools and the young at heart, and LLissa Desilva is an angel sent to lead the kids back home, like the piper, hired to get rid of the rats, kids or rats are the same, they are looking for the big bang. The Jarrots are snakes in the grass and the fuck each other and look for others to take advantage age of always and daily in between poker games on Facebook. LLissa was a target or a mark, and the big payday came in for her, and Steven stole her $12,000 that she was given for her birthday, and he found a girl Reese Smith, to take her life to the bank and steal the cash from Wells Fargo Bank. Reese Smith had LLissa wallet with her id in it, so she went to the bank and played the part, Llissa refused to play. Steven tried hard to have her committed to make the part of stealing her cash easily for him, but he had the money stolen from her, and a bitch that wanted work to replace dead wife. Reese has tattoos on her chest Smith333 for loss she encountered.

Steven Jay Jarret, was not happy to be with LLissa out of the cold in Ventura and heat of the desert in Palm Springs, or La Quinta, he wanted to keep the money he earned for being alive and eating his self into his own zip code. How about let’s take everything with dollar value and all personal items of LLissa Desilva and steal money in the house, and take to bank and steal money there as well, and use AAA to steal her car, she did not drive legally so why keep a car that was a gift from baby’s daddy in Washington State, she gave to Steven in his dreams.

 The story told to AAA is out of the dark, and the notice has been given on the state of doctored bill of sale. A used car salesman or salesmen are a dime a dozen, and the rules of engagement for them is the same as for the Jewish also. Actions taken are actions that will have to be checked again for the thief from the bank, and the thief from AAA and the thief of the personal property of LLissa Desilva, and where the money went. Sorry that the whole plan did not work, and the day will come when the actions that were taken to get to this point that hell came to Palm Springs after the day of rebirth. Do you know how the Jewish say Fuck you? Trust me is the term they use. If the Jewish say trust me, in their minds it means fuck you, and they will any way they can, this is the way of the Jewish Army of Frogs, Vipers, Snakes and recreations to continue are coming, and the beat goes on and on still.

So the rope was given to make sure that the actions taken will go thought course of recollections for the Jarrots, and the army ready to take orders for more crimes that were committed in the name of love and understanding. Look at Charles Jarrot, he stole from Steven, his sire, $160 thousand dollars at the age of 14 years old. Not only did he have cash for over two years without daddy knowing, but he was rewarded every week on Thursday with $200 for being the son of poker player. He took daddy money because he did not like picture daddy created, he was not like normal dads, was the justification for the loss of funds that daddy stole, gamble and tricked others anyway he could. Charley Jarrot, learned from Auntie Jackie, her tricks to steal from others as well. Jackie Jarrot, learned lesson from Steven how to steal a $100K thousand dollars and not have to give back, or say thank you.


  1. Steven Jay Jarrot, or any one from that tribe, they are twisted and they live on cash from other people or insurance claims to damages to RV, with AAA to steal cars for them, and Allstate Insurance also covers the experiences for the damages to RV. Life of joy, and pain for sure, but more pain than joy because always placed in last place for love and attention also.

    Ways and means used to get over the losses were written and posted on internet in pen names, to deal with the little deaths that have occurred with me and my sister from another mother, and this was one way to deal with all the questions that I had for this time of March. -May 2013. Fake friends, and true masks snakes, frogs, cattle, bison and cattle callers, haters of the angels, fairies, and pixies here on earth.

  2. Time to flip the coin, or turn the page, better dazes over the rainbow for saints and sinners. So have been trying to get over last bf, and just got a text from him calling me names, and how he is going to help me go a little lower so that we can be the same. I know it does not make sense that is why I
    waned to check to see if acceptable to others, his behavior.

    Have you ever tried to save someone that did not think they had a problem? It is not there problem, it is a problem that you have with them and their lifestyle, and you want to help them grow and change, is how I saw the time spent with last bf. It was not his plan, so it was not possible to change him, but the work on self was done. It is a dead in, and a lost cause, and time to write off the time spent. Next page.

  3. Tell who, Steve Jarrot, the boyfriend of Phyllissa Desilva, the 100 percent handicap veteran, is that the one, that you are talking about? 7608512267, not a cheater, faithful and true, loves people all day long on holidays everyday at the beach teaching tricks or trades his skills and tanents that he can chew on as he works his god giving talent on any dicks or pussies looking for drugs, sex and oral attention. He is the most truthful and honest man that I know, that bends and twists the forms of stories he creates or someone else tells, with give you wit and charm to match the education given or taken during the years at Fairfax High School, he got a GED.

    Loves to lick and suck and kiss baby girls, his is first on the list, just need Rachel and Sheri to wear a blindfold to keep the question out of the air, oral attention from a master, and Sheri and Rachel Jarrot, take turns sitting on his wet moist mouth, and that tongue that stays so busy, what a dream, right? Sinner or saint, question on who he is also up in the air, lies told about distance from his name, distance to be given for views online. Solution for snake in grass attacks on Steve Jarrot, views from a few lovers, girlfriends, and true lovers of all time, reflecks on fun and games in the RV camping by the beach, name a few we have all been there. Turns taken on the face of the oral expert that preys daily searches for more dicks and more pussy, now a job for fools, frogs, and donkeys. Have fun and watch for the seven snakes inside that drives the devil on earth, in Steve Jarrot, or not in his right mind. Not sure, are you?

  4. Patterns set for real, true stories.Gay lifestyle, say what?Songs to sing, sucker with a monkey on back, Sheri and Rachel or rocky Jarrot....Fun and games, party and play tonight?steven jarrot :7605643510:83458 tropical whisper ct:ca 92201 Prince Frogg: Out of the Box: Not Stright?