Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dogwood Buttterfly: How many Changes?

Seven Snakes, fake friends...
The only man to give love and devotion with a twist, that was also tainted for facts or just white lies that are taken for truths and honesty that is good enough for the members of the tribe Jarrot Bisexual Jewish Super- stars, in their own minds, and can party better than the rock stars, views of Rachel Rocky Hairless or not Jarrot, Butch of the clan, time to stop. Stand still for the ai to change colors again today..

Late nights on craigslist, these are samples of the ads placed by Steve Jarrot,  760 851 2267 to concur, in his quest for prey to steal, lie, and treat to a ride on the wild side of life,  a ride with the fake friends in deeds and actions alone. Watch out for the snakes in the grass, frogs, and jackasses.
15 Need cocks  tonight  Steve Jarrot 7608512267: 46 (Ventura) men seeking men Jun 25, 2014.....
Times Change for Dogwood Butterflies/How many times?
Life has changed for some of us, and time is in the process of stopping for a few that like living with head in the sand. This was my life for five years, to watch Steven Jay Jarrot, always searching gore more not there, dream life, with daily actions in place. The money is not a matter to consider any longer, and no plans in place, or goals for a brighter day. It is a sad story, and what comes next.

The dazes were long, and they were hard, doing the RV Camping lifestyle, and I came to hate it, it was not my dream or desire to live on an RV for Five years, was long enough to be in the land of darkness, this is the end of the notes about the spineless, and their brand of truthful and honesty with a twist, and the black, white, and gray that is not address every. Steers are queers is what we are referring to in the form of true love and devotion the Jewish Jarrot White Male and Female Golden Cows, Bison and Buffalo, and not to forget Rotten Rocky Jarrot- Jewish White Star- of the Golden Cows and Whales, or Fag hags, of Upland, Ontario, and the winners of big cash. Who could ask for more?

LLissa  Desilva, the last girlfriend, had lots of shows with daddy, Steven Jay Jarrot with a penis in his mouth, was how he wanted to have sex. Llissa was exception beautiful from the inside out, and the relationship was more important than the money, but she was done with the cycle that cover Steven, so when the door closed on life with Steven forever, he made plans to steal her life and keep for his self.
Let’s look at the frogs in this Army, so when time is seasoned, you will know who we are talking about. There is the frog that was in Ventura, Danny George of 121 Palm in Ventura unit number 407.It is government housing and he is also a pig, there is no questions, about crimes committed with Steven, Sheri, Sima, and Rachel alone with Charley Jarrot for the acts of violence and the nature of the thieves in questions.
 Except his ass was to wide, Steven is now fatter than 44 inches at girth, and no one to wants to stick a dick there. So Steven got upset and angry and stolen everything from LLissa. No more Dicks for Steven to suck with LLissa the dick magnet for swinging dicks for Steven. Most people do not know that dicks, not pussy is where Steven head is at, and his ass open for that oral specialist from late night craigslist searching always. Steven likes guys, and has no use for or with women, unless they can draw the swinging dicks in. Who likes a fat ass? World you rather have a big butter bottom but that is wide open and large, or small ass? Is there a market for this type of sexual conduct that Steven wants?
Snakes, frogs and toads, and let’s not forget the cattle in the Jarrot family, the Jewish Tribe of Frogs, are an Army and a den of vipers the Jewish way. Rachel Jarrot, wanted her girlfriend back, but she had a dick and she wanted more dicks to complete her life, and she had the looks and the support of both parents, so now she is waiting for baby to come to life. Rachel Jarrot, was so upset that she lost her pussy that she controlled for thirteen years, and was able to lick and suck pussy for that amount of time, than she (Christina stubbed her toe) stopped the dyke actions, and there was no more pussy for Rachel. So she got angry when Christina’s mother was so delighted to have another baby to train. Sheri  Jarrot, the cow who begot Rachel, thought that was going to be the end of Christina life, a child is always the end in the Jarrot family.

There are no more minors in the Jarrot family, they are all legally responsible for their actions, crimes committed on demand is how they work, and Rachel Jarrot is not a minor any longer. No protection in the age of the people that took everything from the dumb ass that daddy had on a string for two years. Crimes have been committed, and the rewards for actions taken are in development to get corrected, and the misguided will be addressed at a later time when seasoned.



  1. The Jewish Superstars are white and gifts from the gods, is what they would like us to believe, that there is a market for fake friends, and that the twisted and tainted views of truthfulness and honest does not match the role models of the century. Jewish Army 2014, is a group of cattle callers, bison and buffalo, steers and queers, or the misguide views of being the Queen of England for Sima Jarrot, alone with her second born Seven Snakes, or Steve Jarrot, the prince of darkness, and the prince of frogs, wolves, donkeys, and jackasses of the hills and canyons of Riverside.

    The acorns- Charles R. Jarrot, and Rotton Rocky Rachel Gay Butch Buff Jarrot, is the apple of her sire’s eyes, and the rest of the cattle callers Sheri, Sima, Jackie, and Daniel George of Ventura, California, are the gifts from the gods of the heat, and the center of the earth. Devils here on earth, could be another turn of phrase for this army of frogs, reptiles, bison and cattle callers, are a pack of fairies, fags, fag hags, bisexual, two faced wolves, dogs, dawgs, foxes, snakes, and creatures that crawl the face of the earth.

    Lights on now, in the light of day, shadows are remove, want to see the secrets of these snakes, with the bright lights on again. Help for the blacks, Mexicans, and the working classes, the displaced Veterans, the old people, the fools, and the poker players for fun and games, not the same for us all. Views to share or not, more threats will return, and love and devotion will be out the doors again.

  2. Steven Jarrot, 7608512267:is not a cheater in his own eyes, your views may not be the same. We make a choice to be happy, joyful and helpful to the others that we encounter just to keep our lives in focus. It is time to wake up and smell the roses and be thankful for the tests over time that you were able to overcome. In the end it is about what you survive and how it will make you stronger in the long run. Hope is the reason for the drive for more, and bigger and greater, and that is a personal statement, so it has a different meaning for everyone. That is just my belief.

    Steven Jay Jarrot? GDLKG BI MALE ...Snakes in the Grass: Let's

  3. Gifts to share, of the good times, living in a house made of glass, RV camping trips with the freaks out at night. Notes to share of a friend or two, guys and girls with views of the faces in place for Steven Jarrot, 7608512267 and his crews of low life snakes and frogs with the bags of shit to trade for good times. Date him for the drugs, stay on track just a vacation day, not a lifetime connection. Once a snake will remain a snake. Gifts from the center of the earth, happy and gay lifestyle to share often.

  4. Interests Taking more for living, Rachel Gaylnn Jarrot, wigs and caps worn to hide the horns: from good olde Sire/Mare/Cattle/and Blacks people that do not need money, so Daddy gets from blacks or less than Jewish Whites. Cube is better than Mexico, and those family members are used to be projection for their owning feeling. It is how we get our feel good. So help me become the great Jewish Party Person, who is much better than a Rock Star. At least the Rock Stars are not equal to me in the Big Apple. Snakes in Apple is a worm in Paradise, or the snake with the weak man, who wanted SEX for the apple. I have a bald head, and my life is over, thank GGod for the black magic woman that my sire took to give me driving lessons. She bought me a car, and my sire and mare are working together again. We will soon be back in place.Favorite Books Why Men Love Bitches-Sherry Argov
    to trade, good times.