Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cattlecall Notes; Greener Grass

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This is it, the wrap up is in place, and we are pulling the ropes tighter, so the time is ripe for the big dreams. This is a recap of the dream that was started years ago, and kind of burned out because the next step could not be taken. There are always plans in place, just do not have the time and attention to all the things that matter, because it has not been addressed yet. We have to take a few minutes to reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly parts in order to see the larger picture, and all the events that are going on now and then. 

Change is something that I do not have a problem with, it is also about growth. Not ready to push up daisies, and do not have time to sleep until I am buried. So the work has to be done, and the peter piper is the first one out, to sing and dance and be the leader for the next group of people in place for greatness.

It is a secret what that is for each and every one of us, and it is why we were sent to stay on earth, to complete a task or two. What is it for you? What is it for the people that you cross on your journey on earth? How in touch are you? If you are a one page person, this is not for you, you believe in nothing that matters, because your book does not have enough pages to keep anyone’s attention for long. 

The people that you cross during your lifetime are there for a purpose, a reason, a season or a lifetime , you just have to find out  what the reason is. It may or may not be something that you know from the beginning, or something that you decide from their actions. Most people are one page people; their book of life is a one page book, not much there to read between the lines at all. So what do you do with people like that? Not sure, depending on when they showed up, and what you need to get completed.

My life is on the line again, ideals are not being met, and the standards for the closest person for the last two years, have not changed much at all. The story is the same, the actions are still the same, and the mindset is still the same for the knight in shining armor. It is a sad day to finally wake up and see the pigs, frogs, and the cows, and wonder how life could be without them at all. 

The jobs titles have not changed from my standpoint, the man in question is perfect to himself, and his waste matter does smell like roses. That is on one hand, on the other hand, the dirt will not come off, so the water does not work on removing the dirt for the tests on charterer. It is a matter of choices that is the whole thing about free will, and the crossroads that you have to face, and which direction you choose. I wanted to look at the lives of me and the girls that are part of me, just like sisters that were desirable, helpful, and caring for real, not just words.

Words that we use to tell a story about your life and times, if you respect yourself, and the same old tire stories that you tell everybody, is not needed for all the people that you cross paths with. I wanted to talk about snakes in the grass in a couple of different ways, and the actions that were created behind the choices that we are living with. Men and women met and marry and live life together because they cannot face life without the other, and in a perfect world they are complete together.

 That is the ideal situation, and it is the one that most of us search for. What happens if you find your dream mate, what then is instantly known to both parties that notice on meeting that they are a match for a life time? How can you know? Standards are needed in order to pretend true love, or falling for everything and anything. What if you are not able to see how green the grass is at your front door because you can see greener grass out of the window, do you take grass from out of the picture out of the window, that you are looking out of? What do you do, when you know there is more, and the  you know it is a matter of changing plans?

Men and women are always searching for the other half of themselves, how they look are a matter of choice as well, and standards play a lot in these matters as well. Hearts are cute for the lover’s day in February, but they are not made to be put in trash at the end of the month, and you should not wear on your sleeves either. Here is a story of a man and a women that met at a crossroad on Happy Trails Road, in the little quiet town of Truth or Constance, in New Mexico, one day long ago. It was quiet day and the sun was out, and life was good, and the dream for more was in place, when Maya and Sean met. They were ready for life and love was something that they both wanted, and it was a sign of the life that was desired by both. It was love at first site.

During that time in September went they met it was ripe for the changing seasons, and the cause and effect changed to adjust to the tip of iceberg that came into play. When Maya first saw Sean, her thought was that he looks asleep, and she wondered how long he had been in that state. A sleeping lion was how she saw he, he was born in September on the 4, and he had a girlfriend in his head that has the same birthday as well, and sleeping is what he does always.

 In the beginning that was a thought that it may have been faux start, but not it has been clearly shown that it is personal for him. This was something that Maya had to learn over time, and it did not get any better, because he had created a female offspring that were just like him. It was a shame, that it was okay and acceptable for them, but not to Maya. It took awhile to find out, and it was not something that she wanted to accept. The signs were there, and it was not going to take another brush with death, this time to get the message. Once was enough for that.

Sean was a product of an abuse childhood, and has to wait, until  he got big enough to throw his weight around, so he could toss his father out of the house. At thirteen, he took on the role of male provider so he could help his mother, and it was needed for daily living for them. He started to work at places for more of the normal things that people took for granted growing up. effect, so he could have a warm place to sleep. He was not able to sleep at home.

 He learned how to steal and cheat to get the things that were needed, and he took a lot of risks for his family after his father left the household. It was a pattern that the father had started at the age of 14 years old, he was not able to get alone with his father’s second wife, so it was to the Army he went. He looked older, and told lies to the, under parked cars in the streets were better than home. The choices were under cars or military with lies for the age difference. It was not a hard choice, and it was warmer than outside for sure.

That was one of the reasons, for the sleep like treat, and no plans, no goal, and no future plans for nothing. Life for Sean has always be lucky for him, and he is still alive because of his luck, and it may last for a while longer or not. Not sure how much credit to give to luck, since it is a matter of research and placement, for luck always. Whatever you want get up and go get it, or go where you think you can get it is a good start. Have the dreams, plans, and goals in place to get there, and don’t stop until you get that price.


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