Sunday, December 29, 2013

Race Completed: Targets Adjusted

Back from the heat wave that was going on in the low desert of Palm Springs,  California and  still searching in that location for our dream house. It is there waiting for us to show up, my crew and posy of 24 men and 24 women to get started with the good works that are in place to start as soon as the ink dry on the documents that will have to be created to protect our best interest first, of course, that is the way it has to be. Today was the best day for the beginning of the rest of our lives together, still just like it was yesterday when we first met. Janet and Jay, were going thought a dark tunnel of what next, and how much do they want it, so we will take a moment or two to think about what is available as goals, to fit the plans that are in place, and desired by both of them, at this time. Then there is the other side of joy and pleasure that may be delayed for the time spent looking in better fields of green grass. It is something that had not been considered at all.

It has been a dream life as far as living blue, but the valleys are still here as well as in the shadows of reason, that still resurfaces to throw stones at our house of glass in Santa Barbara, and Ventura and Malibu as well as all the little places in the end. We had to jet back to the doctors for the results of the life threaten blood chots, that El Tigre Gatos, has as a gift to remind him, that when you are on a motorcycle going at 65 miles per hour, you do not bounce after flying in the air for 2 miles. Back to basics is where he went to relearn all the skills that trip in the air cost him. He was ready to meet his maker, but as the good are the only ones to die young, this bad boy of Hollywood, lived to tell the story many times. That was just one of the hard knocks that needed to be repeated several times. Some people do not learn anything the first time around the block.

I am sure you have heard the songs, to the effect, that what does not kill you will make you stronger, in regards to some woman leaving a man. So that is just one point of view, then there is another song that has been sung for years, about surviving after some man leaves, and locking the door, but not changing the key to the door. Man comes back, but he is not welcomed, he stays because it is too late to try and go anywhere else because of the hour of darkness is still on us, he cries. He is a kid again, and he cries during the night, about what he had. He wants everything to be the same, just as it was.  So the woman forgives and tries hard to forget, the pain and hurt, because they never talked about. Why did you lose your head, and step on your heart, just to prove a point? The hurt and the pain were not explained away with kisses and hugs, to help make the pain go away.

All the issues about the mean and nasty written pain was a subject of hurt and atonement perhaps,  for the Jewish 2005 Army, and the Prince of Frogs, and the manor it was address, was  noted. Have been having serious thoughts of a blog that I saw, that had been based on the life and time of Jay Jetson or the other with some other name, or label that is more common, just not sure what to make of it now. That talked about a family of frogs. The other labels that were use is something that does not come to mind right away, so it may have been just a dream, or just part of something that I wanted to happen. So it could have been just a wish of mine for things to change and the behaviors will reflect that as well.

This is it in so many ways, that I cannot even look at the close of the year, and what that means, in the plans that were not completed? What can you do with the dreams that did not get fulfilled; can you just extend the dead lines? Do they stay the same, without adjustments, for the current events that will come regardless of the pace of filling plans, dreams and goals? Is it something that you get to start over, and hope that you can get to the end on your own? Do all the people that you were able to be around change with the new turn of events or actions that have not been completed? What we were searching for was the meaning of going forward together as a team. The season to be together on a daily basic has passed, and it has been readjusted to look at life from that point of view. It has been a little sad, to see the lights from a distance, and wonder about the other things that can happen now.

There were so many things to be unclear about, and it was time to look at what it meant to be number three. It is consider last place, or it is gold, silver, and bronze for the world games, and it is better than fourth place. Still being number three in any thing is not the best position to fall in, and listening to the stories about number one that failed, and number two that failed, is not a good place in my mind. So it is a must needed talk, that has not happen yet, and it will have to be covered in order to understand,  about the birth positions again, and wonder what the part it is that is played out in the actions of people that they may not be aware of? What can you do with the information and how can you change the outcome? Not sure of much these days, just sure that trying to it in the Springs did not work the last time, and it is not needed to repeat again. So for a period the lessons not learned are going to be done for the second time and it will be a better fit, and we will be able to grow a little more also.

Hopes are in place to complete the things needed right away, and have other things fall in place for more cash to flow, and ready to get so much bigger. Wanted to go to Las Vegas to see the uncle that served in the Navy, not sure where he is now, will have to take time to see, is one of the things that we need to check. Would like to do that for the beginning of the year, just not sure who to go with. Maybe I can find a free ride or something to get there, not that it is needed, just not sure who can go? If it was just a matter of getting there, it would not be an issue, just not sure what to do if you do not have a lot of cash to toss in the air. For the most part, people in Vegas are into chances more than other people in other  places. Most are in that state, and there are other places as well across the state, that promotes the same twisted cycles that they market to. Have never been there, and just want to see the shows, and spend time with the family, and created more happy times. So have to make the plans for the good times to come. And hope that the changes that are needed to get bigger are done and completed right away.  

 Back on the beach and dodging the little people that do not belong in this story today or ever again. The hairdresser and the offspring that she produced, after she got tired of being the nanny to the tuna with bad taste, is a story that has been out dated, and they have not dropped yet. Her story the way it was told to me, was about getting a nanny for the single daddy with the cute little boy,  that fell off of a skateboard, and lost a few more rocks. What happens if you lose to many marbles at once? Funny you should ask, or desire to know, but it is something that I have not taken time to check out yet.  On that note, I do hope and pray for the best for you and yours and that you get everything that you want and need for the new season ahead of us coming around the corner.


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