Sunday, December 29, 2013

Stars Shines: Day Terrors

Follow the Bright Stars

Shining Stars
Hills and valley go up and down.
Rocks beneath the surface slow you down.
On trails during the paths taken, you choose.
Paths alone your journey or life, you choose.
Friends come to lend a hand.
Name calling and put downs are never needed.
Broken, hurt, and crying for the losses.
Hanging on cross, is not a forever thing, thank God.
Days are longer without plans, noticeable also?
Plans made yours, or others wishes?
Hope, wishes, prayers, desires are all equal.
Dreams cover plans, not goals while sleeping.
Differences dreams last longer, not plans or goals.
Goals have deadlines to plans set.
Help requested to keep free will strong.
Opinions, excuses and justification are always in place.
Blessed are those chosen to lead, shining stars.
Blessed are those that follow stars bright.

Here is the tale of a minor, just three months before his eighteen birthday, and the choices that he will have to make. It will be time, a rite of passage to cross over, from childhood to adulthood. Regardless it will happen, and the plans for the next three months, before high school graduation after the eighteen birthday. It was is needed now, and we will try and cover it, so that there is no questions, about what comes next for this young man, on the path to greatness. This is a recapitulate of that time period, between the possible choices, or paths that are available today for this young man, and after he turns eighteen.
November 8, 2013 was the day of the last court day, and 0631-9331-0219-0038136, was alone again and his choices were the same that weekend also. Locked out of the house with just $4.00 and nobody to keep the plans that had been set for that day, spent the day looking at clothes he wanted to buy himself for Christmas 2013, or get locked inside of the house while foster parents, find time to leave and do, most of the weekend spent in that house. The last two Christmases was naturally but spent without gifts from the foster parents, or the social workers at A Coming of Age Foster Family, nor Children Protection Services, this ward of the state is a minor assigned to the Lawless household. How would it make you feel, to know that you and your life does not matter enough to the people that you live with, to get you a key to the door to the house that you live in? These people are to have been the replacement of the sorrows of the natural parents, and given to people that cannot find the time to act like a family, with meals together at all? At the age of seventeen this minor, has been known to be  locked out of the house to wander the stores in Moreno Valley Mall, until the Clyde Lawless and his wife Mary Lawless return home from football games

Not sure what to make of this, just wanted to tell a little bit of this story as it was related to me. Is there a light at the end or not? How many trees are in the forest that we can see pass to the bright lights? More questions is what we have, and more time and attention needed once again.


  1. Back on the beach and dodging the little people that do not belong in this story today or ever again. The hairdresser and the offspring that she produced, after she got tired of being the nanny to the tuna with bad taste, is a story that has been out dated, and they have not dropped yet. Her story the way it was told to me, was about getting a nanny for the single daddy with the cute little boy, that fell off of a skateboard, and lost a few more rocks. What happens if you lose to many marbles at once?

    Funny you should ask, or desire to know, but it is something that I have not taken time to check out yet. On that note, I do hope and pray for the best for you and yours and that you get everything that you want and need for the new season ahead of us coming around the corner.

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